a free economy …. can never work … long

as any one with any inteligence can plainly see !
any time he will be looking at this world !

because ……

if any idiot > can sell any idiot > any idiocracy >
then the environment can only fail > soon after !

if the darwinian principales are in place
if any dodo can be bragging about >
what kind of profit he is making !
at the future > at any humans demise >

the end can be predicted > as any one can see clearly
and … any idiot will know > there will be > freak outs >
and no one can stop them >

since the whole thing is an afront to any humanity !
to any higher inteligence ….



the age of stupid

when I was 3 ….. I had been noticing > this woman said a lot of stupid things
so one day I told heir > she should be checked out !

then it got worse > all the other people around me turned out to be > stupid !
every one I met on this planet ! ….. till this day !

the whole world ….. every body > stupid !

and lately ….. I had been hearing about an english movie ……
and now I found searching the inter net > the age of stupid < the movie !

first I thought ... this was a stupid title for a movie !
but now ... I think it fits .... perfectly ..... this age of being all stupid

now ... I am not perfect ..... I have been doing a lot of stupid things in my
life !
trinking decades back ... smoking even .... eating stupid things ...
watching stupid movies in search for some thing right !

driving around in stupid cars all over the world be fore there was the fast way
to do this via the net .....
in search for inteligent people ..... in europe ... in north america ........
or sailing in monos ... tris ... cats ..... I even had a stink pot ones !

but as soon as I noticed ... some thing was stupid > of no use …. I have
always stoped doing …. it !

but the people on this planet dont stop doing stupid things ! ….. or do things
right and easy !
when they should know better …..

and if there was no internet ….. I would have been sailing around the world
the past 10 years >
searching every harbor ….. any anchorage … I would have come accross > for
inteligent life ….

and I most likely would have found ……..

so this 2. hand 486 in 1999 with windows 95 on it > was neither good or bad ….
it was as much as all the pentium pcs …. all the later oss … all those
applications > just nothing ….

since all this does not change any thing about > this being the age of stupid !

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